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The Duckworth Laboratory


Applications for access to study, scan and/or photograph material in the Duckworth Laboratory in 2018/19 are generally processed weekly with the exception of August and September when the collections are shut. Applicants will usually be informed of the outcome of their application one week after the deadline.

Applications to carry out destructive sampling of material in the Duckworth Laboratory in 2019 are accepted on: 25 January, 31 May, 25 October. Applicants will be informed of the timeframe involved in considering their application within three weeks after the deadline. Deadlines for applications will be published in December each year for the following year.

* To apply for permission to study material from the Duckworth Laboratory collections and/or archives, please visit

* Please, direct all enquiries and correspondence regarding the Duckworth Laboratory to duckworth@human-evol.cam.ac.uk

What is the Duckworth Laboratory?

The Duckworth Laboratory at LCHES is dedicated to the study of human and primate anatomy. At its core are its collections of human and non-human primate skeletal remains, as well as of casts of hominin fossils. The material and facilities are available to study by bona fide scientists affiliated to the Laboratory.
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  The collections

The Duckworth Collections includes human and non-human primate skeletal remains; casts of hominin fossils; and hair samples. Numerically, the majority of the collection consists of human skeletal remains from around the world. The Duckworth Collections are kept solely as a source for scientific research.
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  How to apply to work on the collections

Scientists doing research in human evolution and diversity can apply to become affiliated to the laboratory for the purpose of carrying out particular research projects. Affiliation to the Duckworth Laboratory is granted by the Director.
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