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Federica Crivellaro
Assistant Director In-Africa project
Dept. of Archaeology & Anthropology
University of Cambridge



Research interests
I am broadly interested in human evolution, with particular emphasis on the processes that bring populations in contact to differentiate both culturally and biologically, and the impact that such differences have in the formation and maintenance of population boundaries. Material and behavioural cultural expressions together with biological (particularly genetic) markers are the focus of my data collection and analysis, both in the archaeological record and in the living ethnographic one.

Current Projects PI(s) Funding
In Africa: The Role of East Africa in the Evolution of Human Diversity M Mirazon Lahr European Research Council

Exploration and Science

National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography “L. Pigorini”
Italian Geographic Society

MIUR – Italian Ministry of Education

Recent Projects PI(s) Funding

Isolating the isolates: geographic and cultural factors of human genetic variation

D Pettener (Univ Bologna); G Destro-Bisol (Rome “La Sapienza”)

PRIN – Italian Ministry of Research

Was the first ‘out of Africa’ settlement of Homo sapiens in India?

M Mirazon Lahr; K Thangaraj (CCMB-Hyderabad)


Desert Migrations Project

DJ Mattingly (Leicester); M Mirazon Lahr; R Foley

British Academy/ Society for Libyan Studies; Philip Leverhulme Prize

Late Quaternary Human Evolution in West Turkana M Mirazon Lahr; R Foley; E Mbua (KNM); R Leakey (TBI) Leverhulme Trust; McDonald Inst

The evolutionary history and geography of the Eritrean Danakil

A Coppa (Rome “La Sapienza”)

PRIN – Italian Ministry of Research




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