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Prof Robert A. Foley, FBA
Leverhulme Professor of Human Evolution
Dept. of Archaeology & Anthropology
University of Cambridge



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Research Interests

My long term research interests have been in human evolution, and in particular the ecological basis for patterns and processes of the evolution of human behaviour. This has led to work covering social evolution, speciation and extinction in hominins, hunter-gatherer ecology, and the origins of modern humans, and the application of evolutionary models to human evolution

Current Projects PI(s) Collaborators Funding
Living in open environments
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R A Foley J-L Lanata
M Mirazon Lahr
British Academy
Theories of human evolution R A Foley P Kjaergaard
R Leakey
R Wrangham

An evolutionary edge

R A Foley M Mirazon Lahr Leverhulme Trust
Middle Stone Age Diversity R A Foley
M Mirazon Lahr
J M Maillo Fernandez  
In Africa: The Role of East Africa in the Evolution of Human Diversity M Mirazon Lahr R A Foley
H Achyuthan
J M Maillo Fernandez
European Reseach Council
Past – eSources for Human Evolutionary Studies M Mirazon Lahr R A Foley
F Lahr
Recent Projects PI(s) Collaborators Funding
Human Evolution & Development R A Foley
P Bateson
M Mirazon Lahr
B Keverne
  The Leverhulme Trust
Desert Migrations Project

M Mirazon Lahr
David Mattingly

R A Foley
J M Maillo Fernandez
Society for Libyan Studies
Late Quaternary Human Evolution in West Turkana M Mirazon Lahr R A Foley
H Achyuthan
The Leverhulme Trust
Newby Trust




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