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LCHES fosters research on any question within the broader field of human evolution. The intellectual and methodological synergy formed by the different expertise of its members provide the means for creating a unique multi-disciplinary perspective on human evolutionary studies. LCHES supports research projects at all levels and of different duration – from undergraduate, to post-graduate, to post-doctoral, to long-term programmes.

Current LCHES Research Projects include:

• The morphology of the Australopithecine mouth (Julie Lawrence)
• Ecological correlates of Australopithecine extinction (Nicole Grunstra)
• The diversity of Oldowan industries in East Africa (Ben Copsey)
• The mathematical simulation of population behaviours (Carolin Vegvari)
• The evolution of cranial thickness and robusticity  (Fran Rivera)
• The genetic and anthropological diversity of the Turkana tribe of Kenya (Denis Misiko Mukhongo)
• Spatial, morphological and taxonomic variability of the Later Stone Age of the Central Rift Valley, Kenya (Alex Wilshaw)
• The evolution of the human cranium from a 3D perspective (Aurelien Mounier & Marta Mirazon Lahr)
• The prehistoric inhabitants of Sesebi, Sudan (Ronika Power, Marta Mirazon Lahr, Tamsin O’Connell, Kate Spence)
• The morphological and isotopic signature of the Garamantes of Fezzan (Ronika Power, Marta Mirazon Lahr, Tamsin O’Connell, Efthymia Nikita, David Mattingly)
• The Middle Stone Age of North Africa (Jose Manuel Maillo Fernandez, Robert Foley, Marta Mirazon Lahr)

More information on LCHES Research Projects can be found on members' pages.
More information on longer-term projects: LCHES Research Programmes




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