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2017 University of Cambridge Science Festival

Biological anthropologists at the Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies (LCHES) use cutting edge science and archaeology to uncover our past. Come explore the Leverhulme Centre’s laboratories and collections and discover the origins of humanity.

People of all ages and backgrounds are invited to view and experience our extensive hominid fossil cast collection, study bones using real skeletal material, learn about funerary practices across time and space, and handle real stone tools. Members of the In Africa project, a five-year research programme investigating the origins of our species - Homo sapiens - and its diversity in Africa, will present new discoveries of early human fossils, archaeological sites and their environmental context. Come visit us at the Leverhulme Centre, Saturday and Sunday, March 25th - 26th, between 10 AM - 4 PM

John Lord, professional flint knapper

Please join us this Saturday, March 25th as we host John Lord, professional flint knapper from Norfolk. John will knapp a series of stone tools while discussing techniques including bifacial and blade technologies. This event is limited to a small number of guests and will last roughly 90 minutes. Safety goggles will be provided. Guests should wear clothing that keeps arms and legs covered. Please dress warmly, this event takes place outside.  To reserve your place, visit

For more information please contact Jason Gellis -

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